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About us

In November 2011 we moved into Chants Cottage in the middle of Devon. The estate agent had described it falteringly as ‘habitable’. He was bang on the nail, specifically the one on the back of the bathroom door that’s torn a hole in the neck of every dressing gown we possess.


A small crumbly old house, six and a half acres of wind blasted scrub, a bunch of animals and shed after shed full of broken things and mouldy stuff. Yes, almost four years on we’ve made the place well and truly our own.


My name is Sarah. I write a blog about my house, life and everything in it and around it, which depending on the season (i.e. all of them) often includes quite a lot of mud. You can read it here.


I also make free range salami and air dried ham. You can find out more about that here. I make small batches using various recipes. See what we’ve got in at the moment here, or pop down and visit me at Crediton Farmer’s Market.





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